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Memo to New York State Senators: Commercial Surrogacy Undermines the Child-Parent Relationship

In 2015, State Senator Brad Hoylman and his Assembly co-sponsor, Amy Paulin, introduced new legislation entitled “The Child-Parent Security Act,” which will legalize commercial gestational surrogacy contracts and allow the judgment of parentage to be issued before the child is even born. The intended parents and the surrogate do not even have to be New York residents, as long as the child is born in New York. This bill will allow anyone living anywhere in the world to commission a baby in the state, either by hiring a surrogate in New York, or by flying a surrogate in from any other state or country to give birth in the state.

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Could parents who resist the transgender narrative lose their kids? Yup

What happens if parents want to stop a child from “transitioning” from their natal sex? Obviously the child needs help because the desire to live as a member of the opposite sex is very distressing. The old medical consensus used to be that the best policy was “watchful waiting”, partly because nearly all children gradually change their mind and partly because the treatment is simply not safe. This is in danger of becoming a new dogma for the media, police, schools and policy makers. From their point of view, if gender affirmation is the only possible medical response to gender discomfort, the common sense response of watchful waiting constitutes child abuse. And this warrants removing children from their parents’ care.

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How to Make Time with Family and Loved Ones Count

Although it’s true that we can always consume more information, it’s not true that slowing down and taking time to connect — particularly face-to-face — is a waste of time. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Making time for social connections can reduce the chances of depression and anxiety caused by loneliness. And those connections can have broader benefits as well. John Gottman, Ph.D., notes in his book, “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work,” that enhancing your “love maps,” as in your knowledge of your spouse’s day-to-day experiences, is key to a happy, healthy marriage and a happier, healthier life.

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Lundeen: Flawed sex ed bill leaves parents out of the equation

Even if you allow room for differences of opinion regarding the content of HB19-1032, the approach promoted by the bill has the blunt force trauma of a singular perspective pushed upon an entire state. This approach should offend the liberty-loving inclinations of us all. Consider for a moment a legislative majority that supported mandated abstinence-only curriculum for teaching human sexuality. My arguments would be the same. Regardless of who is in charge in the Colorado Legislature, parental choice in education best serves children when those choices can be made as close as possible to home.

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Support for conversational capacities among low income parents for language development in children that can cut poverty’s impact.

Big improvements seem possible for crucial language development in children from families in underserved communities. These possibilities do not negate the need for economic policies to address child poverty. But children’s language prospects need not be so blighted by impoverished beginnings. They can do well despite stubborn child poverty or poor preparation for school. It’s all about the power of talk. Conversation between parents and young children aids language development in children and can nurture young children’s learning and redress some of the imbalances with better-off peers. Talking can help put impoverished children on a path to school readiness and success.

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How New York’s Radical Abortion Law Will Hurt Preemies And People With Down Syndrome

This law was not an eclectic assortment of various repeals and amendments only loosely related to one another. The entire bill was designed to dehumanize all pre-born babies and all victims of abortion, whether they come out of their mothers dead or alive. It is rigorously consistent in its assertion that these children have no value whatsoever, because that is what pro-abortion ideology requires to survive.

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The Orwellian Nightmare of “Trans Truth”

An English court has been presented with a mind-bending transgender dilemma in family law. Sir Andrew McFarlane, president of the Family Division of the High Court has called for the working of the 2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act to be examined. It emerged that “TT”, born a woman but identifying as a man, was allowed “to access fertility treatment legally reserved for women” only days after being legally accepted as a “trans man” and granted a Gender Recognition Certificate under the 2004 Gender Recognition Act. TT subsequently gave birth to a child, and “he” is now seeking to be legally recognised on “YY’s” birth certificate as the “father”.

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How to Raise Optimistic Kids in Pessimistic Times

There are excellent reasons for anyone — nations, businesses, schools — to seek out the optimistic. And it’s even truer for parents who wish to see their children succeed both as kids and as adults. Optimists are more resilient. They make better entrepreneurs, experience better health outcomes, live longer and are more satisfied with their relationships. Optimism enables people to continue to strive in the face of difficulty, while pessimism leaves them depressed and resigned to failure — even expecting it.

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Profiling Embryos to Choose Those With Higher IQ is Almost a Reality

When He Jiankui announced that he had “edited” two embryos in hopes of ensuring they would become immune to the virus that causes AIDS, he also announced his opposition to using the same gene-editing technologies to enhance children’s IQs. As scientists were quick to point out, the pathways from genes to intelligence are just too complex for such enhancement to be feasible. For the foreseeable future, editing embryos to enhance IQ is a sci-fi fantasy.

A different approach aimed at enhancing IQ is far less fantastic. We’re calling it embryo profiling, and it could be done today.

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