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Thompson: Pornography is not a cure for loneliness

A measure in Arizona would declare porn a public health crisis on the grounds that it adversely affects children and is used pervasively, especially by minors. It does not technically have any legal implications, but is rather a symbolic gesture that could set the precedent for future regulation and policy on pornography. Arizona is not the first state to take action on pornography. Eleven other states currently have resolutions declaring pornography as a public health crisis.

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What kids aren’t telling parents about porn on social media

Pornography today is not your father’s Playboy. Instead of reaching under the mattress to score a magazine of naked women with coy smiles, teenagers are just a few phone swipes away from hard-core videos in which women are sexually abused and humiliated. Porn is now more affordable, accessible, and violent than ever before, and many boys are watching it as early as age 11 or 12. As one teen told researchers writing a report on kids and porn for the Office of the Children’s Commissioner in England, “Basically, porn is everywhere.” While to an adult this may sound like typical adolescent hyperbole, teens spend most of their waking hours — about nine per day — online.

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Why there should be a greater acknowledgement of the dangers of pornography

Concerns over porn addiction have certainly received coverage across various platforms. However, the opinion that pornography is an inherently negative thing to view is not really given much credence.The idea that it is like any vice and can be abused is out there, but I think that most people believe that they do not fall into the category of someone who abuses it. Like other addictions, there is a belief “That won’t happen to me.” However, consuming porn in the most minimal sense is still pretty damaging, or at least more damaging than some men would like to admit.

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Regulate social media to protect children, MPs urge

Social media companies should have a legal “duty of care” to children, the UK Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee has recommended.
The group’s report said social media had helped facilitate bullying and online grooming of children.
It called for a regulator to be established to take “enforcement action” if apps broke the law.
A number of privacy and data scandals have led to calls for social media companies to be regulated.

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Volunteers Work to Combat Sex Trafficking Before the Super Bowl

As Super Bowl festivities kicked off in Atlanta Saturday, volunteers fanned out across the metro-area visiting hotels, motels, restaurants, and hospitals to combat sex trafficking.

They distributed informational packets containing fliers of missing Atlanta girls, information about human trafficking, and bags of soap at each stop.

“We are here to save our adolescents from prostitution and we know with the Super Bowl coming, many of these children will be coming through your hotel,” one volunteer told a hotel clerk.

It’s called the SOAP project or Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution.

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A Frat Boy and a Gentleman

Americans demonize fraternities as bastions of toxic masculinity where young men go to indulge their worst impulses. Universities have cracked down: Since November 2017, more than a dozen have suspended all fraternity events. But I spent more than two years interviewing fraternity members nationwide for a book about what college students think it means to “be a man,” and what I learned was often heartening. Contrary to negative headlines and popular opinion, many fraternities are encouraging brothers to defy stereotypical hypermasculine standards and to simply be good people.

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Major Japanese convenience store chains to stop selling pornography ahead of Rugby World Cup

Two of Japan’s major convenience store chains will take sexually explicit material off their shelves by the summer, ahead of major sporting events that will see a huge influx of foreign tourists to the country.

Both 7-Eleven Japan, which operates 20,700 stores across Japan, and Lawson Inc., the third-largest chain in the country with 14,574 outlets, will stop selling pornographic magazines in their stores by August, just a month before the country expects to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors for the Rugby World Cup.

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If 1 in 5 children will be solicited sexually online, how can parents prepare their kids to be safe?

Michelle Busch-Upwall is the Utah ICAC Task Force Education Specialist at the Utah AG Office. She comes in to work every morning to work on cyber-tips generated from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The tips come from all sorts of places including social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest. She takes a lot of calls from parents that are concerned that their children are being groomed or enticed online, or concerned that their child has sent in an image or a video online.

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