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‘Unplanned’ movie trailer about Abby Johnson’s pro-life conversion hits #1 on iTunes

The trailer for the movie “Unplanned” about former Planned Parenthood manager Abby Johnson’s pro-life conversion has reached the top spot on iTunes.

On iTunes, viewings of the “Unplanned” trailer surpassed those for “Child’s Play,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and “Aladdin.” The preview has also been viewed on Facebook 2.5 million times.

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Assisted suicide bill advances in New Jersey

New Jersey may become the next state to approve of physician-assisted suicide after the president of the state’s Senate replaced two members of a committee who had previously voted against a bill that would have legalized it in the state.
The New Jersey senate legislative committee voted 6-3 on Feb. 7 to advance a bill that would permit doctors to prescribe a lethal doses to patients with terminal illnesses. Two people who voted on the bill–Senate President Sen. Stephen Sweeney (D-Cumberland) and Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Union), who co-sponsored the legislation–were not originally members of the committee.

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Vermont pushes new law as survey confirms late-term abortion opposition

A new poll, released Tuesday, reports that most Americans, including those identifying as pro-choice, are opposed to the late-term abortions. The poll comes amid attempts in several states to expand access to the practice, including at full term and during labor. The YouGov/Americans United for Life survey found that 79 percent of respondents were opposed to third-trimester abortions, including 66 percent of Americans who described themselves as “pro-choice

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Abortion’s Devastating Impact Upon Black Americans

The inconvenient truth of “black genocide” significantly decreased the potential black population of Georgia over the past fifty years. According to recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics, while African-Americans constitute 32.2 percent of Georgia’s population, 62.4 percent of abortions in Georgia are performed on African-American women. By contrast, whites constitute 60.8 percent of the Georgia population, but only 24.7 percent of abortions were performed on white women. Even pro-abortion groups like the Guttmacher Institute admit that “black women are more than 5 times as likely as white women to have an abortion.” These abortion numbers have curtailed population increases in the African-American community. Michael Novak calculated in 2002 that without the incidence of abortion, the African-American population would show at least a 36-percent increase. Even this number does not take into account the number of children who may have been born to those who were aborted.

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California must pay pro-life group’s legal fees following crisis pregnancy ruling

A California federal district court has ordered the state of California to pay Liberty Counsel $399,000 for attorneys’ fees and costs regarding the victory in Mountain Right to Life v. Becerra, which now prohibits the state from enforcing the California Reproductive FACT Act, a law which compelled pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion. After the Supreme Court ruled in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra that crisis pregnancy centers cannot be forced to promote abortions, the state agreed the law was unconstitutional and a permanent injunction was entered blocking the law. Now California is required to pay $399,000 to Liberty Counsel for attorney’s fees and costs.

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Focus on the Family to blast live, third-trimester ultrasound in Times Square

Christian conservative organization Focus on the Family will broadcast a live, third-trimester ultrasound on jumbo screens in Manhattan’s Times Square this spring in protest of New York’s new abortion law. Focus on the Family President Jim Daly told CBN News this week that his Colorado-based global ministry will set up in Times Square on May 4 to call attention to the newly passed Reproductive Health Act, which greatly expands abortion rights in New York.

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How New York’s Radical Abortion Law Will Hurt Preemies And People With Down Syndrome

This law was not an eclectic assortment of various repeals and amendments only loosely related to one another. The entire bill was designed to dehumanize all pre-born babies and all victims of abortion, whether they come out of their mothers dead or alive. It is rigorously consistent in its assertion that these children have no value whatsoever, because that is what pro-abortion ideology requires to survive.

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Sen. Joe Manchin Explains Why He Stood During Trump’s Call to Eliminate Late-Term Abortions

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin stood and cheered a call to ban late-term abortions during President Donald Trump’s Tuesday night State of the Union address.

Manchin was one of the few Democratic legislators attending the event who applauded the president’s call to action. Republican lawmakers stood and clapped vigorously, while a majority of Democrats remained in their seats.

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